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Don’t pack your rods away just yet!

With the chill of winter peeking over our shoulders, many people are rushing for their warm blankets and heaters.  It seems that many anglers have decided to throw in the towel too, and have packed away their fishing gear whilst they wait for the cold weather to pass.  However not all anglers feel the same.  There are a few die-hard fans who are sticking to their favourite past-time. My brother Muazzam ‘Guzi’ Mungalee, is one such person.  On the Saturday, 21 May 2011 we braved the chill in Lenasia and headed for a fishing spot near Oranjeville on the Vaal Dam.  Armed with enthusiasm and our Carp tackle, we took our sons and a good friend Salim Latib with us to try our hand at some pre-winter wishing.

The night sky was brilliantly lit up with stars and the moon began to rise in front of us from about nine o’clock that evening.  Things were quiet and serene and although we were enjoying the beautiful evening, things were starting to get a little too quiet.  With a huge bonfire at our feet, and bellies full from the braai we had just had, eyes were beginning to get a little heavy.  Then it happened! Like a fighter jet zooming through the sky, the strike indicator on one of the rods shot up and the reel gave a piercing sound that filled the air with excitement.  Guzi flew from his chair and in a blink of an eye was at his rod, fighting the welcomed guest on the other side of his line.  The spell was broken.  From then on there was no resting, not even the chill of the wintery night could stir us as we all took turns at our rods.  One after another, some caught successfully, some lost – but they came out to feed at the spot we were in.

In the morning when we lifted our keep-net we saw no less than a dozen Carp all over 2 kilos.  The largest one caught on the Sunday at about eight o’clock in the morning, weighed 4,5 kilos.  What more could an angler ask for?  As we packed up to head home, we stopped to admire the golden landscapes touching the jade water.  All we could do was sigh and thank our Creator for blessing us with such a wonderful trip.  So before you decide to get too comfy this winter, remember that there are sights to be seen, scents to be smelled and fish to be caught! So don’t pack away your tackle just yet.

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