Reaching the youth through Survival Training

What is Survival?

Survival is an instinctive human  quality, that manifests itself when one is faced with a difficult situation. How you handle the situation can result in either life or death. Therefore, it is essential to learn at least some basic survival skills so that you are able to cope in a life threatening situation.


Why Survival Training?

Survival training is focused on equipping one with the basic skills  needed in order to help you to get out of a difficult     situation.  Having these skills will enable a person to focus on the environment in which they are in, so that they can identify what they can use  in order to survive. Survival is all about  a strong mental state.  It will allow a   person to remain calm when difficulty is experienced and therefore provide the essential Knowledge, Skills and       Attitudes needed to survive any difficulty.


The Four Basic Principles of Survival.

Survival has four main principles, these are:

· Shelter—Site Preparation and structure construction

· Fire—The Art of Fire-making

· Water—Procurement and Purification

· Food—Trapping, Identification of Edibles and         Preparation


Our Aim is to teach these principles to our students in an environment which is typical of the South African Bushveld.  Willow Express Resort provides the perfect setting for the training, as it meets the requirements of four different and bio-diverse eco-systems. The Vaal river runs through the  property, and is an important component to survival training. 


Each programme that we run will cover the four principles of survival in an exciting walk-through workshop.  We have four camps with different survival scenarios, and each camp   requires four unique survival techniques that participants will need to master.



Arrival Friday Evening. Registration and Room   allocation until 22h00. Light refreshments served from 20h00 to 22h00. Participants to be asleep by 23h00.

DAY1: Saturday

  • 05h00: Fajr Prayer and tea
  • 06h00: Warm up exercises and Introduction
  • 06h30: March to Geelvis Camp. Workshop on   Survival essentials in this environment.
  • 08h30: Back to Base camp for Breakfast
  • 09h00: Brisk march to Ukhosi Camp. Workshop
  • 11h00: Brisk march to Poffaddaer Camp.       Workshop
  • 13h00: Back to Base Camp for Lunch and Zhuhr Salaah.
  • 15h00: Brisk march to Ingwe Camp. Workshop
  • 17h00: Back to Base Camp for Essentials Training and ‘Survival Challenge’ Rules.
  • 17h30: Asr Prayers and free time until 20h00. Maghrib prayers to be performed when the time sets in.
  • 20h00: Supper and Esha Salaah.

 DAY2: Sunday

  • 05h00: Fajr Prayer and tea
  • 06h00: Warm up exercises and Pre-challenge pep talk
  • 06h30: Challenge begins!
  • 10h30: Challenge ends. Teams head back to base camp for breakfast while Adjudicators go to inspect camps with Camp Guides.
  • 12h30: Score tally. Prize giving
  • 13h00: Zhuhr Salaah, Lunch and Farewell

UNFORTUNATELY, we can only accommodate 20 participants at a time in order to give them       individual attention and focused training, so if you want to participate in this awesome programme, call us to make a booking,

* Free Time can be spent fishing, canoeing or hiking on the property.


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MEC for Roads and Transport, Dr Ismail Vadi,tries Survival Training with the Sisinde Crew: