Fishing Fanatix launch the Junior Fishingfanatix Angling Programme

Posted by Adil Mungalee on Tuesday, November 2, 2010 Under: Juniors

We've just launched our exciting new programme for your anglers.  The programme is designed to teach junior anglers the ins and outs about fishing in Southern Africa.

The programme involves various facets of the fishing trip and educates youngsters about important issues that affect their lives in general.  The programme will develop various skills in youngsters and it will teach them responsibility through a fun filled, activity packed weekend away at the dam, river, lake or beach.

We are looking forward to a great response from all communities, as the youth are an important component to better society, and we all have a responsbility to provide guidance to our youngsters.  If they get negative guidance they will get involved in negative activities like drugs, alchohol and other substance abuse.  Fishing Fanatix is committed to using the skills acquired over many years, to teach and guide our young 'stars'.

Our programme covers the basic rules of "D E C E N T  O K E S" to turn our young guys into "decent okes".  The DECENT OKES workshops held cover the following aspects:

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