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Fishing Heaven - Madagascar part 2

Posted by Aadil Cajee on Tuesday, November 25, 2014, In : Aadil Cajee 
Day 2
Travelled South only to find glassy flat water with no current. Had 1 or 2 follows but otherwise quiet. we decided to work back North. On the way found some birds and really enjoyed throwing a little spoon into the mix to the bonnies. They move so incredibly fast so it was key to be able to make long casts to them before they got spooked and disappeared. Day 2 also saw us get into some lovely sized bluefin kingies and the geets came to play later in the afternoon as well. We had to cut ...

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Fishing Heaven - Madagascar

Posted by Aadil Cajee on Tuesday, November 25, 2014, In : Fishing Madagascar 

So got back a few days ago from an incredible week with Madagascar Fishing Adventures. After good on 2 years of waiting and planning, the day finally arrived. All the tackle prep and sleepless nights were worth it. Madagascar is an absolutely beautiful place, the people are friendly and the MFA set up just works.
I was travelling with a mate of mine from SA and we were to join 2 guys from the UK for the week. The plan was to fish around Sakatia Island and then South for the first few days, C...

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