Chiboos Farm New Machave

Posted by Adil Mungalee on Wednesday, September 28, 2016 Under: King Carp
An awesome place is not good enough to describe it.  A privately owned farm which belongs to one of my very good friends is currently the main topic of discussion on the lips of many fishingfanatix enthusiasts.
We recently conducted a Survival activity for adults at the farm, and it was really great.  So I decided to book the whole family for a weekend getaway where I could test the fishing prospects....we were not disappointed.

Ubi with a 9kg Barbel which he hooked using a fish head.

The farm is open to the public, but there is a strict no alcohol policy.

Contact me on for more details on how to book. 

In : King Carp 

Tags: carp  barbel  new machave  choboos farm  fishingfanatix 

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