River Lake on the Vaal

I recently received an email from Shahid Bhayat of Azaadville and below, he gives an account of their trip to River Lake on the Vaal River.

We went for a Sunday fishing trip on the Vaal River to River Lake about a week ago. Initially it was just my father, Hoosain Bhayat and I. We met up with Ismail Patel of Middleburg who had come fishing with his two sons, two year old Mohamed Dihyah and his elder brother Mohamed Dayyan who's around five years old.  We had a lekker braai for breakfast and started fishing thereafter.

I took the youngsters aside so that the fathers could get a break and do some quiet fishing without the kids bugging them.  We started out with whole kernel mielies as bait, and not long after trying the mielies, the yellows came on the bite.  The kids were ecstatic.  Every cast was producing a bite, and every now and then, a fish was being caught.

It’s funny though, even when we tried for carp with mielie-bom, the yellows kept going at our lines. Then it happened… as I was playing around with the boys, I looked up and saw my father position himself for a strike.  A few seconds later, his night hawk reel began to scream like a cat whose tail had been tramped! He jumped up, grabbed the rod and gave it a firm strike.  The fish was hooked!  The boys ran over to him and I could see the thrill in their eyes as they looked from the bended rod to the swirling water.  After ten minutes the fish began to tire out, and we looked around for the landing net only to discover that it was hanging on a nearby tree.  I jumped into the water to see if I could help land the fish, and Uncle Ismail, who had grabbed the net, threw it to me. As soon as I got the net in my hands, I lowered it into the water and gently scooped up the fish. Wow, you should have seen the smile on my father’s face! He had just pulled out a four kilo carp.

We continued fishing until the later part of the afternoon, catching some yellows, a few carp and a muddy.  When we were about to leave, we pulled up the keep net, and to our surprise, we found it had a big hole at the bottom.  It was so funny; we all just sat back and had a good laugh.  Unfortunately the bigger fish managed to get away, but it wasn’t a total loss because some of the fish remained in the net.

I am always touched by the fishing stories we get on the website.  It always has its high points and low points.  I am sure that you have a story just like this one.  So if you want to share your fishing story, send pictures and details to adil@fishingfanatix.com.  Who knows, we could be reading your article next week!

Article by Shahid Bhayat of Azaadville, www.fishingfanatix.com

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Shahid Bhayat with little Mohamed Dihyah and a lovely carp.
The mamu strikes again!  Veteran carp angler Hoosain Bhayat with a nice 4 kilo Carp caught at River Lake on the Vaal.


Guzi and Zaahid were at Nonyana this weekend and they caught big,  Guzi pulled out a 5kg plus grass carp while Zaahid got a 7.5kg barbel,

For more information on Nonyana fishing contact Guzi who now works at Western  Accessories in Krugersdorp, you can visit him at the shop to see whats biting where, and what tackle to get. 

Call Guzi on 084 552 8889


FishingFanatix co-founder and self-declared master fisherman, Guzi, was there on the 07 September 2013, to do a little bit of fishing.  He was trying out the new bait sponsored by Western Accessories of Krugersdorp, It seems the bait was working well because within minutes of casting in, he pulled out one fish after another.

His highlight however was a monster 9.5kg Carp which took on a cinnamon floatie.  The fight lasted about fifteen minutes because he was using ultra light tackle on if trusty old magnum centre pin reel.

His son Zaahid had just as much luck a few weekends ago when he too pulled out a monster 9 kilo prize carp, and a perfect specimen it was indeed!

You can contact the owners of Nonyana to make a booking on:
Tel. No: (016) 987 - 7105
Fax: (016) 967 - 7105

Cell number
Pieter: 084 2459529
Corrie: 082 9056677
Petro 082 904 7888

or visit their website for more details:


Bergsig in Muldersdrift, A winter hotspot!

Winter brings with it many things, the cold weather, the cravings for comfort food, the need to stay indoors and the general lethargy that keeps people in hibernation for almost three months.  I too am a victim of the ‘winter lockdown’, and I decided that enough is enough!  I am after all a self-proclaimed fisherman and what better way to shake off the winter blues than with a fishing trip.

I decided to play it safe though and I took the family on a little scouting trip around Muldersdrift, which is about twenty minutes from Azaadville.  It was Sunday the 16 June 2013 and we packed a little picnic with some meat and the poitjie pot.  The first spot we went to was Lake Heritage which is accessed via the Heia Safari Ranch.  I merely used this spot to show the kids some wonderful animals and we were lucky, we saw some wildebeest, a few impala, zebras and the highlight was a family of giraffes.  I fished at Heia Safari Lodge before so we didn’t do any fishing, besides, the charge is R100 per person per day and it was a little too late in the day to spend that much.  So we moved off to the next venue.  The Kloofzicht Lodge which is a five star resort with a beautiful view of the Swartkops mountain range, stunning lakes and breathtaking gardens.  This fishing spot is a little upmarket and is focussed more on the elite fisherman.  The lakes a re stocked with carp, barbel and trout, and the river is ideal for fly fishing.  After chatting with the manager, we decided that we would definitely visit this place in the near future.

The next spot was the farm right next to Kloofzicht.  A delightful place called Bergsig Trout Farm and Log Cabin.  When we arrived we were warmly greeted by the owner, Thys Louw.  He gave us a quick overview of the farm and explained that he had three new trout dams which were fully stocked, one large carp dam and the river which ran through the property.  All the fishing spots were good for winter fishing and so we decided to spend the rest of the day on the riverfront, which was ideal to put up the poitjie-kos and perhaps try for some yellow or carp in the river.  Now the river is not at all wide, but is does run deep.  I was concentrating on getting the fire started so I advised my sons to make a simple river trace with just a round sinker, a swivel and a hook on a half a meter leader.  My eldest  son  decided he just wanted to put a hook onto the main line and try a piece of bread as bait.  He put his line in, left the rod on the floor and went to play with his brothers.  The fire was now right and I began assembling my ingredients to put into the poitjie, when I heard a snap coming from the rods.  I made it to thr rod just before it got pulled into the river.  I gave it a good jerk to set the hook and I began fighting the fish.  It was a huge carp, I called for my son to come and pull it out, but just as he reached me, the fish came off the hook.  It was an exciting experience and it gave us some understanding of the monster sized carp that were in this tiny river.  We set up the three rods this time using the same trace and a piece of brown bread.  I secured all three rods and left the ratchets open so that we would hear the line scream if a fish were to take it.  I went back to the poitjie and stirred the meat and veggies which were now sending an aroma of spicyness into the cold winter air.  The first reel began to screem, we all heard it this time and ran to the spot. Again the rod was bending and tugging so I lifted it to make the strike, and as I did so, the hook came loose.  This did not dampen my spirits in the least.  It meant one thing, the first fish was no fluke, and I was now more determined to land a carp from this river.  As I put down the rod I just pulled out, my youngest son’s rod, which is literally a toy, began jumping like mad.  I grabbed the little 1 metre rod and hooked the fish.  The rod began to bend as the fish tried to take off, I adjusted the reel which was now screeming for dear life, and I managed to give the fish some line to run with.  The fish went back and forth, coming close to us then moving off.  After about five minutes, I managed to bring the fish close to the bank.  We did not have a landing net, so I had to reach over the side and bring it out of the water.  It was a lovely specimen which was clean and healthy, I estimated it be around 7.5 kg.

I realised from this trip what I had been missing whilst I was cooped up in the house.  Sometimes we don’t need too much money to enjoy ourselves, we just need the drive and determination.  I will be returning to Bergsig soon to see what else it has to offer.  For now though, I am going to take winter one fishing trip at a time!

Fishing at Vaal Rawda can only be described as magical!

Don’t pack your rods away just yet!
With the chill of winter peeking over our shoulders, many people are rushing for their warm blankets and heaters.  It seems that many anglers have decided to throw in the towel too, and have packed away their fishing gear whilst they wait for the cold weather to pass.  However not all anglers feel the same.  There are a few die-hard fans who are sticking to their favourite past-time. My brother Muazzam ‘Guzi’ Mungalee, is one such person.  On the Saturday, 21 May 2011 we braved the chill in Lenasia and headed for a fishing spot near Oranjeville on the Vaal Dam.  Armed with enthusiasm and our Carp tackle, we took our sons and a good friend Salim Latib with us to try our hand at some pre-winter wishing.
The night sky was brilliantly lit up with stars and the moon began to rise in front of us from about nine o’clock that evening.  Things were quiet and serene and although we were enjoying the beautiful evening, things were starting to get a little too quiet.  With a huge bonfire at our feet, and bellies full from the braai we had just had, eyes were beginning to get a little heavy.  Then it happened! Like a fighter jet zooming through the sky, the strike indicator on one of the rods shot up and the reel gave a piercing sound that filled the air with excitement.  Guzi flew from his chair and in a blink of an eye was at his rod, fighting the welcomed guest on the other side of his line.  The spell was broken.  From then on there was no resting, not even the chill of the wintery night could stir us as we all took turns at our rods.  One after another, some caught successfully, some lost – but they came out to feed at the spot we were in.
In the morning when we lifted our keep-net we saw no less than a dozen Carp all over 2 kilos.  The largest one caught on the Sunday at about eight o’clock in the morning, weighed 4,5 kilos.  What more could an angler ask for?  As we packed up to head home, we stopped to admire the golden landscapes touching the jade water.  All we could do was sigh and thank our Creator for blessing us with such a wonderful trip.  So before you decide to get too comfy this winter, remember that there are sights to be seen, scents to be smelled and fish to be caught! So don’t pack away your tackle just yet.

VISIT: www.vaalrawdah.co.za




and I will send you the details!! 







If you would like more details on Bamboo River Lodge, then go to



Smilin Thru a lekker place on the Vaal


Although we didnt catch any fish we noticed that along the river banks there were plenty bait species like shrimp and smaller fish.  We therefore assume that on a good day you could probably pick up some nice yellow in the region. Check out this clip to get a an idea of the peace and tranquility this place has to offer. 



Just a report back on Smilin Thru, very nice venue,fishing was very slow caught two in the rapids in the morning smallies, late afternoon we caught four 2 kg using mealies just under the pool section all and all very good trip . I blanked but I think  i've been concentrating on the bass too much.

Joe Vahed


One of the Varachia lighties with a lekker Carp from Smilin Thru 


The Guys Were Killing it at Oupa Fats

Thursday 04/02/2010 - Guzi took a friend of his, Yazeed Valli of Y&J Plumbing, for a quick afternoon Bassing session at Oupa Fats.  First they made a quick stop at Amazon Tackle Shop for some bait.  The bait of choice was 'platties' - nice big juicy platannas, because some guys reported that they caught some big barbel on platties at the Fats. Yazid made his first cast, believe it or not, with a shad trace, red float and all.  He had a live plattie on the hook, and within minutes he was ripped.   His little reel was singing our favourite song, and the steel wire on his shad trace was being pumped by a moerse big bass.  He landed the 1.5kg monster and popped his line back in with a fresh plattie.  The result, another big bass.

Meanwhile, Guzi 'Masterfisherman' was fishing on the bottom, with a live plattie, when after about fifteen minutes or so, his magnum reel began to sing, and his 12ft rod popped off the stand and was making its way to the water.  Our hero then ran after his rod, until he was knee deep and his nike tekkies sop nat. He saved the rod, and hooked the rod thief on the other end.  His prize was a nice barbel of about 8kgs.  Within the next hour, they landed another eight barbel, all the same size. Woww talk about a lekker afternoon, while we all slog at work waiting for the weekend.

Yazeed Valli (Below) with two barbels caught at the Fats!



  Closest to home!!!

Here we see an excellent bass taken from our local fishing spot known to many simply as 'Oupa Fats'.  This is where we have had some wonderful  fishing experiences free of charge. 

Check out the map to give you an idea of    where to find Oupa Fats.  But I must warn you, it can be a little rough, so make sure you don't go alone

 Yazeed Valli with a beautifull Bass from Oupa Fats


Guzi with a bass from Fats




This spot is one of Imo's favourite spots, found in the Limpopo Province.  To get there take the N1 past Pretoria in the Direction of Polokwane.  Take the Hamenskraal turnoff from the Highway and turn right towards Hamenskraal, follow the boards from there on.  This is an excellent dam for Kurper, Bass and Karp.  we have also caught some huge Barbel from the boat.

Another one of our spots is Rust De Winter in Limpopo Province.  This is a great spot for Kurper, Bass, Karp and Barbel 



Da Gama Dam is found in Mpumalanga.  It is about 15 kms from the nearest Kruger National Park Gate.  When we fished here we stayed at a place called Corne Cove.  It was a beautiful place, and the owners were very friendly.

This magnificent 1.4kg Bass was taken at the picturesque Hulala Lodge on the Da Gama Dam in Mpumalanga, caught by the master fisherman himself Guzi